This artwork belongs to my series "The Goddesses".


Flora is the goddess of all the most beautiful things in nature: flowering gardens, flowers and spring.

In the painting , the goddess is depicted in nature. She rests and basks in the sun, sitting under a tree.

The painting is in an aged technique, with scuffs, uneven lines, darker and lighter in places.
The painting changes the color of gold depending on the time of day, because the potal shimmers in the light.
The painting is covered with a protective varnish.

The painting continues around the edge of the piece, which means it can be hung unframed. Ready to hang.
Potal, oil on linen canvas on a wooden stretcher, 2022.
The painting is named and signed on the back and also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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The right to use the image of the painting remains with the author, the artist Uliana Titova.


Goddess Flora, 80х80 cm

2 829,00$Price
  • Original artwork, oil, stretched canvas, 2022