This artwork belongs to my series "Underwater World Paintings".
The author's painting "Flying in the sea".

The beauty has been waiting for her trip to the open sea for so long. And finally, she went on a yacht to the open ocean. There, she jumped into the water. Like a bird, it continues its flight. It's beautiful.

The bright colors of the painting give joy, happiness, the fullness of life-blue, turquoise, white. A lot of bubbles - they are like alive. Fluffy, voluminous clouds and bold strokes of paint. The painting will delight its happy collector for many years.

Materials used:
The painting is created using oil paints. There are thick strokes of paint on the picture, they make it picturesque. Used canvas higher quality is durable.

The painting continues around the edge of the piece, meaning it may be hung unframed. Ready to hang.

The painting is titled and signed on the back and also comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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The right to use the image of the painting remains with the author, the artist Uliana Titova.


Flying in the sea, 50х40 cm

1 182,00$Price
  • Original artwork, oil, stretched canvas, 2021