The author's painting "Border".

The girl travels by bike. And at the border, she was met by an obstacle. Borders are closed. The girl is waiting.

This painting is a protest against borders.
In support and protection of all women, if they were deprived of their rights, actions, their thoughts.

Of course, we are talking about rights that cannot harm humanity or moral norms. These are political, gender, geographic, and collective boundaries.

A woman should not stand and wait in her path when the borders are opened for her. A woman deserves the beauty, the best, and what she wants. Women want to "Open Borders".

Materials used:
The painting is created using oil paints. Used canvas higher quality is durable. Ready to hang.


The painting is titled and signed on the back and also comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


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The right to use the image of the painting remains with the author, the artist Uliana Titova.


Border, 70х50 cm

1 165,00$Price
  • Original artwork, oil, stretched canvas, 2021