The author's painting is "360 degrees".


Hot Summer. The brunette swims in the sea. She looks around.
Is she looking out of curiosity? Many men think so. No, she looks and shakes her head because she is alert, careful, and prudent.
A woman can simultaneously do 5 things at once, be systematic, and multitasking. A woman can swim, chat with her boyfriend, babysit, keep track of the time, and cook lunch at the same time.
And she will succeed.


Materials used:
The painting was painted with oil paints.
The dabs of paint are laid on the canvas using a large flat panel and a paintbrush and palette knife. 
There are thick strokes of paint on the painting, they make it picturesque. 
The higher quality canvas used is durable. 
The painting continues around the edge of the piece, which means it can be hung unframed. Ready to hang.
Stretched canvas, 2021


The painting is named and signed on the back and also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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The right to use the image of the painting remains with the author, the artist Uliana Titova.

360 degrees, 60х60 cm

2 330,00$Price
  • Original artwork, oil, stretched canvas, 2021