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Solo exhibition

Uliana had a solo exhibition

"Underwater World Paintings", 06/2021,

space "Wellton Park".

Order for painting a painting on the wall

Venice, Rialto Bridge.
The client made an order for Uliana to painting a pre-lift hall.

The hyper-realistic painting was highly appreciated by the client. 140х280 cm.


Exhibition at the State Darwin Museum

The author's painting "The Last Marsupial Wolf".

The painting is a participant of the international exhibition at the State Darwin Museum "Earth. Version 2021. What happened after that?". 

The exhibition and painting are dedicated to rethinking after the pandemic. And, of course, a person's place on earth, his mission. 

The painting depicts a day (for all its fullness of sun, heat, and light) when the last marsupial/Tasmanian wolf in the wild was killed by a man. The real events took place in 1930. Man has exterminated all the individuals of this species, erased from the face of the earth.

The destruction of other species by hand or through the fault of man is happening more and more often.

How will this affect humanity?

Isn't it time to stop and think, to listen to the signs of the earth? Maybe the earth decided to "reset itself" and began to implement in 2020 its terrible plan to destroy man? Or has she decided that it is useless to conduct a dialogue with humanity, and it is necessary to do with it the same way as he does with nature?

We have a lot to think about.

The ends of the painting are painted in red-brick color – as a thin border of today's real-world and terrible consequences, which can be realized, as well as prevented, only by the person himself.

Materials used: 
The painting was created with acrylic paints, 2021. 
170х110 cm. Linen canvas. 
The painting is covered with an acrylic protective varnish.

International exhibition 

Uliana participated in an international exhibition (group exhibition) "Naked Truth"; KIBART & ANELYIA ALIPOVA Gallery, 03.10.2021-04.08.2021.

The painting "Luck", 50x70 cm, oil on canvas on a wooden stretcher, 2020.


Art education

Uliana graduated in 2020 from the Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry named after V.I. Stroganov.

Territory of beauty

In a chic beauty salon, a painting appeared on the wall.

The client ordered Uliana to develop a logo and draw it on the wall. 150x150 cm.


House of bloggers

The painting decorated the bloggers' house in the new building of the elite complex. 250х250 cm.