Welcome to the website,

My name is Uliana Titova.

I was born in Asia in 1985. I am a international professional artist in the fourth generation.

I draw my first painting when I was 5 and I did it on the wall of our house.

Now I draw paintings in my own studio.

My art and inspiration

I like to work with oil and acrylic paints, I draw paintings of different sizes in impressionism and realism styles.

The main theme that excites me is the study of a woman - her nature and appearance, status in the modern world, feelings, and thoughts. I speak in defense and support of women through my paintings. My inspiration is myself and women from all over the world - spectacular and bright, careerists and housewives, seductresses and travelers, young and mature.


I transfer my thoughts to the canvas with the help of the knowledge I have got at the Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry named after V.I. Stroganov.


Now I continue exploring new trends in the art market and master new techniques. I share my experience at my masterclasses and while teaching my students and friends.
Art collectors from the USA, Poland, Germany, Greece are interested in my paintings.

I have through my artistic journey exhibited widely both internationally and nationally.

Some of my paintings were presented by Saatchi Art in their collections.


I have through my artistic journey exhibited widely both internationally and nationally.

Below are listed some of the exhibitions that I have participated in: 
- 2021. International exhibition (group exhibition) "Earth. Version 2021. What happened after that?"; State Darwin Museum.
- 2021. Solo exhibition "Underwater World Paintings"; space "Wellton Park".
- 2021. International exhibition (group exhibition) "Naked Truth"; KIBART & ANELYIA ALIPOVA Gallery.
- 2019. Solo exhibition " Woman's word"; House of Culture of the Moscow Region.

Thank you for your attention to my art. 

Happy viewing